My name is Amanda {FUN FACT! which is latin for lovable}, I’m 19 years old and I attended a Christian school.  Now I’m a freshman in college just trying to make it! HA!  It really isn’t all that bad…just different!  and…I LOVE to cook!  

I plan to center this blog on food and cooking!  I plan to post recipes and review them along with reviewing new foods.  I view cooking as a stress relief and I hope to share my secrets with you.  I think you will find this blog very helpful. I will post recipes along with helpful hints on creating them.  I think food should look good also so I can show you ways to jazz up your food!  Although, cakes and cookies that look horrible can sometimes be the best tasting!  I hope to share these secrets with you!

It is amazing how thankful people are when you give them a gift of a birthday cake or something similar!  All of my recipes will be simple and should be easy enough for even the beginner!

These are a few of my favorite things…


Cass, WVCass20Railroad20DEF.jpg

SNOW!!…and Cass, WV in snow!

i love… (DUH 🙂 )


5 Responses to “About Me & My Blog”

  1. kmjreviews Says:

    wow…i totally didn’t kno that u went 2 CHA…or did i?! ;~)

  2. bakerista Says:

    i think you did!!! 😉

  3. hayatekaze Says:

    haha I luffles you sue-sue. Have a great month 😉

  4. angiesangels Says:

    I was just wondering how you got the words to come up along with your picture in your header? Also, I like your category cloud, verse and quote of the week. I can’t figure out how to get those things in my side bar on my page. Did you use a certain design/theme through wordpress? Could you give some advise to this computer illiterate person 🙂 Thanks

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