Hey guys, last Wednesday, December 3, I washed my iPod by a very stupid mistake.  I’m just at the point of tears because I can’t find any help on Apple’s website, etc.  It is a iPod 3rd generation Nano, 8GB.  I got this thing free this summer and I have really treasured it.  I have let it dry completely, to my knowledge and it still will not turn on.  On Apple’s website, apparently you cannot get phone help on an iPod after 90 days and then when you go through the steps to get repair assistance, at the very last it says, if you have liquid damage you must call…but it says I CAN’T?????  I’m so very frustrated right now and would appreciate anyone’s help. 
Anybody know if it just might be the battery?  I’m begging you!  I’m a very nice girl who’s had a very rough few weeks and would appreciate ANYthing……………………………….