There’s a show on CBS (I’m pretty sure!) called Worst Week.  It comes on on Mondays.  It’s rather funny.  A tad crude humor, but it’s in moderation.  But I kind of came in the middle of it, but there’s a guy and girl and I don’t believe they are married living in her parents house and she’s pregnant. They are waiting till the “perfect” time to tell her parents while everything seems to go wrong.  He’s done quite a few interesting things.  It’s just funny I guess……but I’ve felt like that guy this week!

This has been a horrible week.  First off there has been a situation going on where I have been battling God. Thankfully I’m leaning on Him for guidance now, but it’s been very hard.  I believe that with Him all things are possible.  But before when this situation arose, I just “knew” he was going to “fix” it and he didn’t and it was kind of a wake up call for me I guess. I hate SO bad it had to happen like this.  But it boils down to I’ve lost one of my best friends to an injust court system.  I’ve really been upset about this all week, so your prayers are REALLY appreciated.  For both of us. 

Then lets see, I failed a Philosophy exam I’m quite sure of this week.  I’m sorry, but it’s hard to prove the existence of God and then on the same exam prove that he DOESN’T exist.  Sorry, but I don’t think that way. I guess that’s just one of the “joys” of college life. 

And my grand conclusion is, MY BABY CRASHED.  😦  That’s right, my laptop went out on me Wednesday.  I had TONS of homework to do.  I get out of my class, go to start typing it all up and my laptop wouldn’t come on, it just kept freezing.  So it’s currently being worked on and who knows when I’ll get it back. 

But to put the icing on the cake, I have a lot of friends going through some tough times right now and it’s just getting hard to be there for everybody while you’re going through so much too.  But God’s taking care of me. 

And foody wise, I made an apple pie last night that was so YUMMY.  It made me so happy!  AND also another happy moment God blessed me with is I received a cedar chest as a surprise gift this week.  It was handmade and I was so surprised.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  God takes care of me, and I know he does you….  Have  a  happy  weekend!