First off, let me apologize for my negligence of this site!  I had told myself I would keep it up better. I enjoy doing it.  I am probably one of the very few people of my age that don’t have a myspace or facebook, so I tried to keep this up after my computer class last year just for the fun.  I have strong views against myspace and facebook.  I was into it once, and all it is, is a place to brag about yourself and put yourself out there and it is just wrong.  I know–everyone disagrees with me–but that’s my opinion!  I have a right to that, right?  But I just don’t see the use of putting personal information up like that and for those reasons.  
I promise you, my recipes and life stories are on here to put a smile on your face and make your life more enjoyable!  I HOPE!

SO, back to “Daisy”…I felt bad because I hadn’t posted a picture of my baby on here!  So there she is!  She’s my “little” stinker! Yes, she’s grown a lot!  I need to get an even newer picture!  But she is my time consumer. I have had to be extra careful to put college before puppy, friends, and free time.  I’m doing pretty good. I run home after work and we go for a walk thru our woods and we usually get done just before dark.  Then I help with dinner and after dinner I’m up till late doing homework and then I go to bed when I get done.  I’m ending up being a very tired person but it’s working.  I’m worried about when the time changes!!  😦  Also, I was sick as could be last week and Daisy missed me so much but my family helped out with giving her love.  I’m thankfully feeling better now.  

My cooking:  I have not had time to cook at all hardly.  I know, I’m sooo ashamed 😦  But between homework and my recent illness there hasn’t been much time.  I must guiltily admit that Monday night I made snickerdoodles in between homework, etc.  My mom helped me to wash some of the dishes too.  But they were sooo good.  There were only a few left today!  I’ve been sending them with dad to work.  I had an unhappy employee who had missed my baking!  You know how those employees can get without my sweetness!  HA HA!  Too many sweet teethed people out there!  😛

Hope all is well…I’m gonna try to keep this up better.  I have lots of free time between classes on Wednesday’s so I’ve been bringing my laptop so I plan to at least have 1 post a week!  I will try to have a foody one next week!  

God Bless!  Bakerista