Life…life takes you places you never imagined you could go.  Life…life right now is taking me to some crazy places!

Tomorrow, my uncle will be donating his kidney to his wife.  It has brought my family together and we are all a little worried, but God is with all of us.  Your prayers are really appreciated.

Friday, I will be going to Ferrum College for my orientation.  I am so excited, but at the same time I’m a little nervous too.  I can’t believe my summer is gone already though.  I have really had a great time and don’t want it to be over yet!  College brings lots of changes to life…and I can’t wait to experience them.  I know God has something planned.

R A I N ………..after almost since MAY we are FINALLY GETTING RAIN!!!!!!!!!!  It’s amazing!  So glad to get it finally!  God provides!

Daisy, my new white lab puppy is just all full of herself.  Maybe I can get some pictures up.  She’s adorable!

And I guess that’s all for today.  Just wanted to give a little update to my avid readers.  Have a wonderful day and God bless…<3 bakerista