Here’s my review on my own camping trip this vacation!  It was great!  When I was little we used to go camping all the time and I just loved it!  This time, even though I was a ‘bit’ older was no different!  Sadly, it was VERY humid, and VERY hot and wherever we went, it felt like you were wet.  It was a weird feeling…I had never really experience humidity that bad.  Especially at night.  And it rained…and it stormed.  But it was always at night or about dinner time, so while we were sightseeing it was clear and sunny so that’s good!  And we discovered that the new pop up my brother got is VERY VERY VERY waterproof!  We left Monday and we went to the Natural Bridge Area.  We went to the Natural Bridge Zoo, the Natural Bridge Toy Museum.  I highly recommend the zoo.  It was a lot of fun, very clean, and very friendly.  It has been awhile since we all had been to a zoo and we decided to go.  Very glad we did!  My favorites were the tigers!  They are just larger versions of my Oliver!  I was not overly impressed with the Toy Museum.  Maybe it was just me, but it wasn’t all that great, and definitely not worth the price, like the zoo.  Tuesday, we traveled about an hour and a half or so from our campsite (stops for food, gas, etc included) to Orange County to Montpelier.  This is James Madison’s home.  I was not overly thrilled in going. I had been when I was younger and it was still the way the DuPont’s had it…a big pink house.  The tours were self guided and it was just boring to me.  I was younger then though.  But this trip was just amazing!  I felt like I was standing in history itslef!  I highly recommended it!  We had an awesome, VERY informative tour guide.  I think her name was Jayne…THANK YOU!  It is being restored to James Madison’s original way and it was very neat!!  It’s well worth the money and time!  Then Wednesday, we were all tired…it was still wet, and we just decided to come on home.  We had planned to stay longer but just didn’t.  We came towards home.  We hikes some along the James River.  It was a good time!  We got home and was greeted with a ‘happy to see us’ Oliver and for the rest of the week we just sort of relaxed and did local things.  That was really nice.  We all just needed to relax I think! 

I hope you found this informative.  If you have more questions about the places, I’ll be happy to try and answer!