Yay! I find the time to update this a bit!  So let me first off talk some baking.  Most of you who cook know that summer time is not the best time to do baking.  So I haven’t been…it’s just been way too hot.  But last night, we got some heavy rain and it cooled off to 65 ish or so and it was very comfortable.  So I made some chocolate chip cookies!  But…as soon as they hit the oven they spread so bad all over the pan.  I was very disappointed but after I “scraped” them off the pan they turned into little gooey “squares”.  I tasted them, and they were divine!  VERY GOOD…actually some of the best chocolate chip “cookies” I’ve ever tasted!  So I’m very satisfied!  Come by my work today if you are interested in tasting one of these interesting treats!  They are here!

And today I’m getting my hair cut again…nothing drastic really.  Just a trim of my last drasticness!  Yes, if you have talked to me recently I probably told you that I was getting my hair dyed blonde…and yes…that was a lie!  Hehe!  I’m quite sure all of you knew that already though! 😉  Just the enjoyment of the gasps!  But no, I have nothing against blondes, it’s just that I KNOW that if I did do that, my life would be 10x “miserable” here at work.  AH yes, work…after many water fights during work hours, my father told us no more horseplay or we’d ALL be in trouble…hehe…*evil grin* SO we’ve all been nice little angels.  Aside from the fact that I was the “catch of the day” on the lift all the way to the ceiling and the pluggy thing was UNPLUGGED by a certain someone!  And yesterday…*sigh* as I was innocently vacuuming something wet and hard wacked me in the forehead…and as water was DRIPPING down my face, I had no idea “what had hit me”. Till I turned around and saw SOMEONE about to fall in the floor laughing!  Ah yes, the embarrassment never ends. And yes, it was only an innocent SOPPING WET PAPER TOWEL!! But I tell you, revenge will be sweet!  And horseplay does not count when they go to the bathroom and get there shirt wet and then claim I did it! 

And for your information…weedeaters don’t come with tires, and there is no such thing as a hard tire…*SIGH*  that line will come in handy to keep you from embarassment also!

Yes, this is only a TASTE of what I go through each day.  And let me tell you, I will NOT be making any more trips to Bath & Body Works to waste money on those yummy scents.  Because I have never heard so many MEAN jokes about my “stench”.  Yes, I’ve gone back to the “el cheapo” unscented lotion to save myself from the fake coughing, gagging, and annoyance!

So maybe after you have wasted your time reading all this, MAYBE you learned something?  Or at least you laughed!  I KNOW YOU DID! 

Have a great day!  😀