So it’s been awhile…  I haven’t really ventured out lately to make anything new…SORRY!  It just seems like I’ve been crazy busy with everything and haven’t had the time…or the money.  Yes, let me start on the economy with the prices of gas and food…I’ll leave it at this…it’s INSANE!

But I’ve been making lots of LEMON COOKIES, and have made some brownies and cakes, oh and a few apple pies.  I’ve been buying lots of fresh fruit.  From a local market…can’t have stuff with that salmonella in it!  It’s just an awesome time of the year!  Strawberries, watermelon, grapes, peaches, apples, and blueberries…to name a few!  I cannot wait for wild blackberry season.  We have lots of trails in our woods and we go 4-wheeling and pick them.. MMMmm…you can’t beat it! 

But I do apologize for not writing sooner.  Getting everything ready for college has been crazy.  Got my schedule last Friday and am fairly satisfied.  Of course I’m not taking anything with my major yet.  But oh how I would LOVE to open my own little bakery!  I’d be the happiest person ever!  But honestly right now i don’t see how anyone could do that with the way things are.  But hopefully things will change soon! 

Well I’m off to get ready to leave work and go home and make my mom a birthday cake!  Today’s her birthday!! 

Hope everyone’s well…leave a comment and let me know! ❤  ~*Bakerista