ahhh!  Only 17 more days left till graduation!  How unbelievable!  And only 2 weeks left of school.  Actually really less than that minus today and minus Monday with the Heritage Classic!  Can’t wait to throw cups of water at runners with Victoria!  Or at Victoria?  Hmm!  😀  Life is crazy right now!  SO busy and SO many things going on!  I’m SO pumped now though!  Life has made many great changes!  Some awesome people have been so encouraging an awesome!  I feel so loved!  And I’m already receiving the sweetest graduation cards with so much encouragement!  I have the bestest family–hands down!  AND only 18 days to my big graduation BASH!  woohoo!  I can’t believe it!  So I’m so excited about Ferrum!  I love it and I have been so encouraged by hearing others experiences.  It’s such a great school and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!  I’m excited about meeting so many new people and just starting the next chapter.  It’s time for change after 13 years!  I am so excited about the summer!  Still not sure about getting an extra job but I have taken up so many hobbies and I just want to spend some major relaxation time on the side!  Between reading, scrapbooking and baking (DUH!) it takes a lot of time.  Now I’ve added sewing to that!  This weekend I picked up some patterns and fabric and I’m going to start on them!  😀  OH!  And on Friday going to ride some roller coasters!  It’s just so much going on!  And as for CHA, I can’t believe I’m leavign it behind!  You make some awesome friends and memories after 13 years!  I mean me and Victoria and Sarah have all been here since Kindergarten!  CRAZY!  I do plan to return on occasion and I want to try and help with the sports camp again this year.  I met some of the most amazing kids last year and got to know a lot of them.  Seeing them get saved and see God was such an encouragement!  So I am going to have to find an awesome recipe to leave you with.  I’m thinking apple pie?  Mmmm…a la mode anyone?!?!?!