This past Saturday I attended Ferrum College’s open house.  I have to say I’ve been just a “tad” stressed about college and where to go and what to study.  Well I am so thankful because a lot of that opened up to me on Saturday!  So at the moment I do plan to attend Ferrum in the fall and take business and computer classes.  The way I think it works is they have a combined kind of thing.  So I’m really excited.  I may later change to Accounting but I’m planning to start out like this!  It was really nice though and I loved all the teachers I met.  They just seemed like down to earth happy people which is just what I like.  My freshmen classes will be the largest with probably about 30 max people which will be good because I’m so used to small classes at CHA.  I am really excited now that I have some plans!  They told me I would be accepted and I should be getting my acceptance letter this week!!  We are also having our Senior Banquet there this week so lots of senior stuff is going on!!  Senioritis is also majorly kicking in!  I CAN’T WAIT TO GRADUATE!  GO SENIORS 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!