Ahh the joys of spring!  FRESH FRUIT!!!  I have been eating apples and grapes and such like they were going out of style and I’ve even had some watermelon and cantaloupe but yesterday on a trip to the grocery store there were STRAWBERRIES on sale!!!!!!!!  YAY!  So in my mind the only way to welcome back spring is with a delicious strawberry shortcake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I made it very easy–I got 2 boxes of strawberries, a cake mix, and cool whip.  And let me add, all of these items were on sale!  Strawberries were 2 for $5, cake was 10 for $10 (i got a couple extra) and cool whip was on sale for $.99!!  So I made it all last night and it was so good!  So I thought I’d pass it along!  I also brought it for my lunch today!!  😀  I can’t wait!!  So go out and get you the good stuff to make this one of a kind dessert!  ENJOY!