Spring comes this time each year

Time to celebrate and have cheer

Cause here comes the warm weather gear

you can hear the birds chirp with glee

because it’s time to come out again

school comes to an end

and all the fun summer plans have just begun

the flowers bloom to bring cheer

the leaves and grass all turn green

the creek begins to warm slowly

perfect to stick your feet in on a warm sunny day

the days become long

time for more fun

time to quit staying indoors

and go out and have fun in the great outdoors

go for a hike and take in the fresh air

and see all the butterflies and bees in the air

the butterflies begin fluttering on all the fresh flowers

and the picnics begin

time to go camping and enjoy the breeze

there is added stress at school

because exams are coming up real soon

but all is well because it is spring

which means that summer is just around the bend