The last spring break of my high school life…how sad 😦

This year I plan to do some college finalizations and maybe do some visiting.  I want to get all of that behind me.  It’s so stressful along with keeping up with school!  WHEW!  I also have plans to get my hair cut but I may chicken out on that.  We shall see.  I kinda want something different but I don’t want to go wrong. 

I will probably be doing some work.  All that fun answering the phone and hanging out with the tire people.  Such a lovely environment! 🙂  Actually it is really fun and you can laugh all ya want to but I’ve met some awesome people! 

In the rest of the time I’ll probably have some major needed rest and relaxation.  Maybe reading a book, doing some scrapbooking or maybe some baking!  You all would really enjoy the baking part, right?  haha!

So I plan for some major down time and I really want to enjoy this final spring break!  So now all I have to do is wait for it to come!  😀  Can’t wait till FRIDAY!!!!!!!  😀