Wow–this is just almost just plain scary that this is the final quarter of my high school life!  Pretty much all I can say is WOW!  It seems like yesterday I was in Kindergarten!  weird huh?  My plans are to finalize all my college plans.  I really really really wish that what I kinda want to do wasn’t too far away but I just don’t think it would work out.  So right now we are looking at Ferrum or PHCC.  VWCC has a really neat thing where I could go 2 years and then go another year and get my culinary arts certificate and then go on to Ferrum or another 4 year school.  But by then that would be 5 years of college??  whew!  It would probably fly by though.  It just seems so nice because I could get internships easily and it would be something I LOVE but we will have to see where God takes me.  Right now I may be looking into Accounting or Business.  I just really want to get it down “pat” what I want to do because being unsure is really scary, especially this late.  I can get a really good scholarship to Ferrum so I am gonna have to fill out my application and see where that goes. 

So right now my primary focus this last quarter is to figure all my college life out and to keep up my grades.  Easier said than done because senioritis is starting to take over!  It is starting to get really hard to stay focused.  Maybe that will get better after SPRING BREAK!  And the senior banquet is coming up!  I’m also getting my senior pics in on Friday!!  All those beautiful snow pics!  I’m excited!…and scared! 🙂

So I’m gonna sit back and try to relax because the final quarter of my high school is just about over!