Wow.  Sometimes life can be so confusing.  This weekend I felt like I was in a dream, and I really don’t think reality has set in for me.  My grandmother passed away Friday around 5:30pm.  It was yet again one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  I felt like I was almost losing her a second time.  She was diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease a little over 4 years ago and she was put into a nursing home.  She lost her mind very quickly and soon didn’t seem to recognize us and wasn’t able to respond.  It was so sad and I felt like I had lost her then. 

On Friday, my cousin and I went to visit her around 4.  We usually went every Friday together and it had become something I looked forward to.  Well she was really bad off.  She couldn’t breathe and it seemed to be such a struggle for her.  It really hit me hard.  It hurt so bad to see her that way.  Well we went back and I called my mom and she went back up there.  We knew she was upset so my brother went up to be with her.  He came back to pick me and my dad up and go back up there and while we were on our way she passed away.  When we walked in the room it was like walking into a different world.  It was horrible.  Thankfully she will suffer no more.  She is so much better off.  It’s still just so  hard to deal with sometimes.  God is good though, and he obviously knew what he was doing. 

Everything went well though. The flowers were beautiful…the service went good.  She would have been very happy.  Heaven just had another great addition-I can’t imagine what it must be like now.  Truly amazing.  So now as our house is full of flower arrangements from Valentine’s Day and the funeral…it’s just a simple reminder of how people care.  Thanks for your prayers and continue to keep us in your prayers when you think about us.  ♥ ase