This weekend was a blast! 

My family and I traveled to TN for a business trip on tires!  I wasn’t sure how it would be but it turned out lots of fun.  Yes I know this is totally non-food related but we all have to make a little change don’t we?  Well all the ladies were taken to The Barter Theater to see Peter Pan.  I wasn’t sure how it would be but it was absolutely neat!  It was really fun and was really well done.  I will definitely be going back hopefully soon!  I would recommend it for everyone to see, even if you don’t like that kind of thing.  Visit their web site for the showings & dates. 

We stayed at Meadowview Conference Center in Kingsport, TN and it was extra nice.  Everyone was so nice and it was very clean.  We had buffet breakfast lunch & dinner there and they were all very good.  GREAT food!  I would also recommend this place for any event.  I was able to exercise all my Home Economics class thing that I learned.  I also knew most of the napkin folds!  😉  I felt really smart!  Saturday morning before leaving for Barter Theater we had a few hours to kill after breakfast so me and my mom went to the fitness center there which was also really nice.  Got a nice workout and had fun since no one else was in there at the time!  Overall, it was a really nice trip in every way.  Other than the fact that I am exhausted today! 

On the way home, we stopped at Natural Tunnel which wasn’t that big of a deal to me since I really didn’t know much about it and all I wanted to do was sleep on my comfy pillow home and it was COLD.  Well we stopped and it was AMAZING!  I had seen a few pictures and didn’t really think much about it but that place was amazing.  I have never seen anything like it.  I think EVERYONE should go see it.  There is a train that goes thru it and we waited awhile and it never came so we hiked about half-way back up and then heard a whistle.  We flew back down and I got an awesome video of it going thru!  I might try to post some pictures/videos but trust me, it does NOT do justice AT ALL!  In the normal warm seasons there is a chair lift you can ride but you have to hike in the cold months.  It really wasn’t a bad hike, even after taking a run on it! 

So we stopped at a Craker Barrel for lunch/supper and then came on home driving thru HORRIBLE winds.  We got home and there was no power and then we had to get our generator out.  It came back on 8:30-9ish and then I crashed in my bed…and did NOT want to get up this morning.  But I made it and here I am. 

It was a fun weekend.  Anyone wanting anymore info just leave a comment!  PLEASE leave a COMMENT if you’ve been to any of the places!  I’d LOVE to hear! 

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