*** SENIORS 08***

Well I cannot believe that this first semester is over already!  My senior year is just flying by and I’m just hanging on hoping not to fall off!  Ha!  Looking back, when I was little, I never thought I’d make it to this day…it just seemed so far away and now it’s here!  It’s amazing!  I can’t say that I’m sad though.  I do miss the old days when you didn’t have near as many worries and responsibilities, but I have done a lot of work to get here and I’m not going back!  I have been blessed in so many ways and this school has been such a blessing!

I am not really looking forward to college but this school is really preparing me.  In my outlook, I want to make extra good grades and work hard.  My main goal is to beat Keelie and make it to salutatorian(and the funny thing is…i’m not sure how to spell that!) but that outlook is looking kinda fuzzy but I’m going to do my best!  I’m glad she has been here with me on this ride because it’s been such a great help!  She’s so much fun and she’s a great help when I don’t understand everything…aka…pre-calc and physics! 
I have to say that Yearbook, Computer class, and Home Ec have been my favorites this year!  That is putting all of my favorite things to do in a class….taking pictures, cooking, and using the computer!  I think it has helped me to “hang in there” to have those classes because you always have something to look forward to.  I always look forward to Yearbook because it’s the last period of the day and we get to do work, but still have fun in there so it’s always a good way to end the day. 

I guess the biggest event in my life that I’m looking at right now though is college.  It’s really hard to get it set in stone what you want to do, where you want to go.  It actually really is scary.  I guess you are afraid that if you make a decision and then you don’t like it then you are stuck, but right now I’m planning to go to a community college and get some of the basics behind me and go from there.  Hopefully this will be a big help for me!  I’m really looking forward to graduation and then taking that next big step in the world!  I think I’m ready and prepared and it’s going to be exciting!  I just got my senior pictures done Monday and I think that’s really when the reality started setting in!  I was like, man, this might be my last Christmas with a lot of people (friends, etc) and it was just crazy to think about!

But I’m ready to start Chapter TWO!