so how many of you absolutely LOVE chocolate?  can you believe that I don’t really??  I mean, I eat it, but I’m just not a big fan.  I was just sitting here and wanted something and my dad had been given a box of chocolates for Christmas.  I thought, I will just take another try and HOPE that I will feel that excitement that “everybody” else does….and no…I didn’t.  The very small chocolate whip round shaped chocolate was just too sweet and I’m just not a big fan.  I just really think my trying a chocolate days are over.  I just don’t think I’ll ever feel the rush.  I’m just not a big candy and chocolate fan.  I love chocolate chip cookies and other things with just a little chocolate…but after a certain amount…I’m just not a big fan anymore.  The chocolate sybil cake recipe on here is just about as “chocolate” as I can go, and even it is going to the extreme and I eat only a tiny bit.  So in conclusion, if you give me a box of chocolates for, lets say, Christmas or Valentine’s day…I will be forever grateful because it’s the THOUGHT that counts!  It just may take me forever to eat the tiny bites…but I will!!  I think I may go get some hot chocolate now…I do LOVE hot chocolate!?!   So here’s my ramble for the day….

anybody else with me? or am I just weird!