Well the bakerista made a HUGE baking mistake this Thanksgiving!!!  It’s not as bad as you think…but STILL….

OK, so everybody has seen my Gooey Butter Pumpkin Cake recipe, right?  Well I had decided to make it for my family’s Thanksgiving get together.  Wednesday night I was going to go ahead and make it because I had other things to make on Thursday morning.  We were going to eat around 6ish.  So at the last minute I decided to change my mind and wait till Thursday morning to make it.  Yeah, I could get up early!  and then it would be very fresh, maybe even still warm??  Mmmm!!  Wouldn’t that have been YUMMY!  WWWEEELLLL…………………so I get up Thursday a little tired, but all excited about the Thanksgiving festivities!!  OK, so I was going back to my room to change out of my PJ’s but I decided to set my butter and stuff out to be softening.  So…DRUM ROLL…. I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOT TO GET CREAM CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So silly me!  I couldn’t think of anything else to make.  I had that wonderful can of pumpkin just sitting there waiting to be used and  nothing to use it with!  So, I ran to the internet and at home we have the horrible DIAL UP   AND to add to that, something is wrong with the stupid thing and it disconnects every few minutes, or even sometimes seconds.  SO FINALLY I found a recipe for soft pumpkin cookies.  It took a half a can of pumpkin for one batch so I thought, hey, I can make TWO!  So I did and it was great!!!!!!  I guess I would say that would be one thing I would have changed about Thanksgiving…getting CREAM CHEESE, but to be honest, I think the pumpkin cookies were even better!  So maybe it was all meant to be.  I’ll be posting the recipe on here soon!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  The baker who lacks the memory…bakerista!!!