For this assignment we were asked to make an excel spreadsheet that contained what we did in a 24 hour day for an entire week.  This included for me:  sleep, school, getting ready, church, having fun, supper and work. 

Sleep, School, and having fun took the top 3 spots in my day to day schedule.  Sleep took the top place, taking up 37% of my time.  Having fun came in next with 25% and then school came next taking up a whopping 22% of my time!!! 

I was quite surprised at how much time I spent asleep.  Sometimes it varies but still it was surprising.  I was surprised that 22% of my week is spent at school!!  School obviously has  a huge impact in my life right now.  And a lot of that having fun time is spent doing homework too! 

This has impacted my life because I want to spend my having fun time more wisely.   There’s a lot of things I want to do each day that I don’t have time doing.