In my computer class we did an assignment to write down what we would eat at Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King as a meal.  Then we looked online to see how many Calories, Fat Calories, Non-fat Calories, and Percentage Fat.  Actually we calculated the Percentage Fat. 

I will tell you about what I discovered at McDonald’s.  For McDonald’s I chose the 3 piece chicken selects, medium fries, a honey packet and a medium Sprite.  That meal contains a total of 1020 Calories!!!  It contains 360 fat Calories and 660 non fat calories.  That makes the fat content 35%! 

I was quite surprised at how many Calories are in just one fast food meal.  It really adds up!  I guess that 35% fat content is not too great but if you eat fast food often then this can really become unhealthy.  I don’t think that eating fast food occasionally is gonna be life changing but if you eat it every day it can become life changing.