OK, you guys are going to HAVE to tell me ALL about your Thanksgiving!  Tell me what you made and what you ate.  Was it good?  What are your traditions..?  Favorite food??  Tell me all about your Thanksgiving!  What are you THANKFUL FOR??

 give thanks

So did anybody make anything this weekend?  I was really in the baking mood this weekend.  Friday I made the southwestern stroganoff with baking soda biscuits.  I also made a cheesecake for my brother…why you ask…well that is a long story!  Then Saturday I started making yeast rolls and a hashbrown casserole.  It all turned out delish!  And guess what I have for my lunch today?  I have southwestern stroganoff, hashbrown casserole and 2 little rolls that were left!  Who else has a lunch that good???  HAHA! 

Well leave me your Thanksgiving stories and what you are thankful for!  Have a lovely Thanksgiving!  ~bakerista~